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No matter what size your component is, how it is to be processed, and which properties it is to have in the end: if you have a challenge, we can solve it. In direct communication with you, our specialists determine your specific goal and implement your individual requirements quickly, pragmatically and cost-effectively.

We offer you the following services:

  • Development of innovative heat treatment and quenching technologies
  • Volume heat treatment of various aluminium components
  • Plant, frame and fixture production for heat treatment
  • Cleaning, deburring, blasting aluminium components
  • Mechanical machining incl. assembly and surface treatment



Even as a basic raw material, aluminium has many advantages over other materials: low density, the resulting low weight and its durability are just a few of the benefits of this highly flexible material.

Our innovative heat treatment processes can optimise the mechanical properties of the material to make it suitable for many more applications. Aluminium can even be used as a substitute for steel – a fact that opens many new market segments.

We are far more than a heat treatment service provider: NEWALU sees itself as a pioneer in the field of aluminium treatment. We also focus on developing new methods.

Among other things, we have developed innovative processes combined with appropriate quenching media (polymer, HISAG, water), which achieve an ideal balance of yield strength, elongation at break and tensile strength. The result are components low in residual stress and deformation. Innovative heat treatment technologies also shorten process times and save costs.


Aluquench is one of our proprietary technologies. Quenching in a polymer bath optimises the machining of workpieces with various wall thicknesses in particular. With conventional quenching in water baths, thin-walled areas cool down significantly faster than thick-walled parts, which has an adverse effect on the residual stress in the component.

However, in Aluquench, the polymer is deposited on the thin-walled, already cooled areas of the component, preventing further rapid cooling. The polymer cannot settle on the thick-walled areas, which are still hot. As a result, the cooling process continues until these areas have reached the required target temperature.


The mass production-suitable High Speed Air Quenching (HISAQ) was also developed in our company and patented in 2003. Thanks to the even cooling, this process minimises distortion and residual tension in components, and thus optimises the mechanical parameters. This is particularly interesting for structural components of aluminium bodywork, as this allows thinner walls to be used and the crash properties of the components to be defined.

The goods carriers play an important role for optimal heat treatment. When structural components or diecast parts are heated up to 460°C – 490°C, they approach a temperature range where components start to deform plastically. As a result, suspension and batching are extremely important. NEWALU has gained a lot of expertise in the water carrier sector and developed solutions for loading and securing the components in the furnace to minimise deformation.


The classic heat treatment process includes the solution annealing process, quenching in a water bath and subsequent removal of the aluminium components. Water quenching cools the components down very quickly.